Tonya Taylor Inc. is a marketing and advertising agency with savvy ideas to help your business grow and become successful. I know how challenging it can be to decide where to best invest your advertising dollars. I feel your pain and I am here to make your life as a business owner easier. Whether you’re interested in advertising on broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, online, on buses, billboards or in magazines, we can get you more bang for your advertising buck! I’ve worked in advertising, sales, online marketing, social media, commercial production and public relations, which have given me negotiating power that can save your business thousands of dollars.


Social Media
Social Media Marketing can be a powerful branding vehicle when it’s part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It serves as a valuable tool to link prospects to your website, where they can start a conversation with you. It can also help establish your company as thought leader by promoting events, articles written, board affiliations, etc. It’s important to realize that not all social media platforms are worthwhile for all companies. We can help you discern which platform best suits your needs—and the needs of your audience. Whether that be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Blogspot…we can get your profile where it needs to be, provide any necessary training and maintenance, and adjust your social media balance as necessary based on our results.
Brand Identity
Good design creates a good perception….and if there’s one rule in marketing, it’s “Perception is Reality.” Building a professional logo for your organization helps build credibility, increases visibility, and communicates effectively to your target market…facilitating your ability to grow your business. Before a potential client even walks through the office door, your logo is a representation of your company. It can make a company appear large, small, international, local, fun, serious, legitimate, professional, etc. Is your current logo conveying the right idea about your company? Setting the Foundation The colors, typography and style of a logo will often establish the look and feel for the rest of your marketing communication efforts. I will ensure your logo meets these expectations and create a professional brand image that will grow with your company for years to come.
Website Design & Maintenance
Effective web design and development is a critical component of any small business marketing strategy. A compelling website design and content strategy will help nurture a lead from a general inquiry to a specific opportunity to a current client. An effective website design will allow a visitor to navigate your site intuitively and quickly – finding information in the least number of clicks. The overall objective of web design is conversion – a visitor taking a desired action. What a website means for your business For a small business, your website is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. A well-planned website will serve as an effective credibility piece, speak to your ideal customer and generate new leads. Many times prospects will see your website before they ever meet you. Is your current website holding a visitor’s attention? Are they finding the information they need? Is your company demonstrating thought leadership in your industry? These are all critical questions because a website can often be a lead repellent rather than a lead generator.
Strategic Planning
Our strategic plan is so good, it has its own name: the RoadMap. Combining equal parts research, analysis and planning, the RoadMap is a powerful document that takes strategic concepts and translates them into cost-effective marketing solutions. The RoadMap’s core components establish and clearly define your goals, audiences, messages and vehicles, and dives deep into your company history and future with a thorough communications audit, budget assessment and projection, and analysis (or, ahem, creation) of your sales cycle.
Email Marketing
I will help you design an email marketing campaign that reaches your customer with the right message at the right time and generate leads. I will help with email template design, list building, campaign management, and analytics reporting. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Email is a powerful way to remain top of mind with current clients- your raving fans. Through email you can inform clients of new services, remind them of the importance of referrals, and discuss industry trends they should be aware of. Email marketing can be a vital up-selling and cross-selling tool. It can also serve as an avenue to referrals. It’s easier to gain access to new decision makers through a client referral. Email allows your company to remain in the limelight and gain access to new opportunities. Customers don’t want to read about how great your company is, they already know that! A compelling email marketing piece will educate your clients with inside information relevant to their business and help establish you as a thought leader. Cost-Effective and Trackable One of the strongest arguments for email marketing is its cost effectiveness. Unlike traditional marketing methods, email is an impactful way to generate and nurture relationships at minimal variable cost. An email campaign is also trackable- allowing you to see who has opened the email and clicked through to the website. You truly can measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign.
Print & Electronic Materials
Despite the increasing migration of marketing efforts to the web, printed marketing materials can play a vital role in communicating your company’s mission, nurturing leads and closing sales. We advise all its client companies to have at least one high-quality print piece that is multi-purposed. Sales Tool In business-to-business sales, there are many times you are not speaking directly to the decision maker and instead working through intermediaries. A print piece such as a capabilities brochure is an effective “leave behind” to help sell your product or service internally. The brochure helps your sales contact champion your company and receive buy-in from the management team.