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Tonya Taylor - Owner

Playing sports growing up in the small town of Monahans, TX gave me a competitive spirit. Being part of the team that won bi-district basketball championship inspired me to put that focus and drive into my business and helping other businesses grow. Richard Branson said it best, "If you want to be successful in business, you need to welcome your competition with open arms - just don’t let them walk all over you. Strike the right balance between respecting your rivals and focusing on how you can beat them, and you’ll have a winning formula."

My favorite part is getting to know the entrepreneurs behind each business that advertises. I am fascinated by each of their unique stories; as I am an entrepreneur at heart myself. The entrepreneur in me saw a need to be met; the competitor in me thrived on the idea of making sure other business owners were making sound advertising investments.

In addition to running my own company, I am a full time mom to four amazing boys, which is also a major reason that drove me to being an entrepreneur. I wanted the time with my family to be flexible and memorable.

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Email: taylortonya(at)me(dot)com

Phone: 512-627-8796